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Health and “Canadian Health and Care Mall” Health is a condition of any living organism under which all the organs are able to fulfill all the necessary functions. Moreover there are some other definitions of this concept. Health is a condition of a complete physical, mental and social well-being. The first definition touches upon only one side of man’s existence namely physical condition but a man is a human kind who lives in the daily developing, comprehensive society that’s why all the conditions should be mentioned.

Man’s health is formed by the qualitative characteristics, they are anthropomorphic (height, weight), physical (cardiac frequency, arterial pressure, body temperature), biochemical (concentration of chemical elements in the organism) and biological (microbiome structure, presence or absence of virus or inflammatory disorders).

So that a man can be satisfied by his own life only in case if all the conditions are on the level. If there are some physical disorders, a man feels discomfort and goes to a doctor. If the doctor finds a way to treat his patient, it is very important to use drugs which are produced in accordance with the quality certificate. Canadian Health and Care Mall is a web drug store which is ready to be useful for each regular as well as for each new customer. It is a modern way of ordering drugs via the Internet which is more convenient as it has been mentioned by the majority of people commanding the service of this drug store.

What should be done by people to be save and sound, people may compose a large list of recommendations, for example keep a healthy life style namely no smoking, no alcohol consumption, no fast food instead of these you’d better take vitamins, eat healthy food, go in for sport. What does it mean to go in for sport? It doesn’t mean you have to attend gym twice or thrice a week, but you should lead an active lifestyle: walk , play some outdoor games, spend more time with children. That is the little list of what you should do because nowadays people spend too much time in front of the computer, the majority has a seated activity.

If we do not pay enough attention to our health, we will possess such problems which are difficult to be dealt with and to be solved. In case if we are save and sound physically, we will do our best to satisfy other sides of life.

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