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July 18, 2015 Category: Canadian Health&Care Mall

pharmaceutical marketThe production of medical devices is one of the most developed sphere worldwide. As telling an example we can take a pregnancy test. The number of them on the pharmaceutical market are enormous and functions they fulfill are various. But we will discuss the most popular questions which can appear when women are going to use it.

How do pregnancy test function? They identify the level of human chorionic gonadotrophin or HCG in urina or blood. This hormone is evolved only if you are pregnant.

At what period of time is it better to make a test? As the scintific researches show it is more preferable to make a pregnancy test in the morning, when the level of human chorionic gonadotrophin is high enough to identify correctly whether you are pregnant or not. But there is a kind of test which is called a midstream stick hypersensitivity of which is high enough that’s why it doesn’t matter at what period of time you will make a test.

Such medical devices are important for people as well as drugs. People spend much money buying drugs, but nowadays it is possible to order drugs online, by doing so you can save your money a lot. For example, Canadian pharmaceutical companies headed by “Canadian Health and Care Mall” offer drugs and medical devices suited to every fancy and color.

The question about which all women are anxious whether the pregnancy tests are full right or they can make mistakes. All the pregnancy tests give only ninety five- ninety nine per cent in fact, it means there are some per cent of false negative results. It can be observed in some cases, for example you make a test too early, the level of human chorionic gonadotrophin is not high enough to be identified or the previous day you drink too much water which delude urina. Such tests as well as all drugs have period of validity, so if your test is out of this period, you will know nothing. You cannot trust such results.

Some internet companies suggest making pregnancy tests online, do not believe them, there are too many swindlers in the Internet nowadays. But there pharmaceutical companies in which you can trust, as I have spoken about “Canadian Health and Care Mall” visit It is very important to take drugs which do good than harm.

If you do not to risk using pregnancy tests, consult the doctor, you can make the blood test which can defenetly show the human chorionic gonadotrophin level. You are a generation of twenty first century, it gives you all the possibilities to keep up with the times.

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