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Treatment of Heart Rhythm Disorder Together with Canadian Health and Care Mall

October 1, 2015 Category: medical care

heart rhythm disorderTreatment of heart rhythm disorder represents a complex challenge which quite often should be solved as emergency aid. Now two methods of treatment are applied: medicinal therapy and external shock therapy.

Medicinal therapy is more widespread. There is a significant amount of antiarrhytmic means which are appointed depending on arrhythmia type, its pathogenesis. There appoints the following means: sedative (validol, valocordin, seduxen, etc.); vagotropic (belloidum, atropine, etc.); the reducing influence of sympathetic outflow to the heart (beta-adrenergic blocking agent); reducing cardiac muscle irritation (procainamide hydrochloride, quinidine); the reducing dystrophic phenomena on heart muscle (cardiac glycoside, cocarboxylase, etc.); influencing an exchange of electrolytes in myocardium (panangin and other preparations of kalium); improving blood supply of a cardiac muscle (isoptin). All these kinds of drugs you may order via Canadian Health and Care Mall. You will buy this preparations at a considerably low price in comparison with ordinary drug stores.

Not all applied antiarrhytmic means possess, with identical efficiency and variously work at different violations of rhythm that demands the differentiated their appointment. Medicinal therapy at conductivity violation is least effective. At some forms of arrhythmia external shock therapy in the form of an electric defibrillation of heart or in the form of application of electric cardiac pacemaker (is applied at conductivity violation in recent years).

Treatment of arrhythmia demands especially differentiated approach. The general organization of the regime of patient’s life matters, especially at extrasystole which cornerstone the increased nervous irritability is. In such cases it is necessary to recommend to patients to avoid emotional and mental tension, to stop smoking and alcohol intake, strong tea and coffee, fight against an overeating and lock is necessary. The bed rest isn’t shown at vagal extrasystoles as horizontal situation can strengthen arrhythmia. At the sympathetic rest is recommended; the bed rest needs to be observed at so-called dynamic extrasystole, at the extrasystole, arising at the persons suffering from a cardiosclerosis at their coronary genesis, at elderly people with frequent, especially group and polytopic ventricular premature contraction. The part of patients with extrasystole has no need to apply special antiarrhytmic means, are limited to the general actions, and also treatment of those diseases against which they arise. However along with it it is necessary to carry out quite often and medicinal therapy.

It is very important to undergo medical screening twice a year to know all about your health conditions. After been examined you may order drugs via Canadian Health and Care Mall. It is a pharmaceutical company carrying out its business in the Internet. Everything you need is to check out the website and find drugs for arrhythmia treatment.

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