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What Price a Man’s Life Has

March 31, 2015 Category: Health

What Price a Man's Life HasPeople earn and spend money immediately I dare saying. But that is not the main idea of my abstract. I want to speak about such feelings as responsiveness and a wish to help in our technological world. I think we forget about sensibility becoming stale. Once I was an outside observer in one drug store This situation makes mo be shocked. And now I have an irresistible desire to open your eyes on the cruelness of today’s world. The conflict has happened between an old woman and a pharmaceutist. There was a long queue observing all the situation. The old woman wanted to buy antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription. She explained to the pharmaceutist that the prescription was lost (these drugs were vital for the woman). She tried to picture out all the details but the pharmaceutist was indifferent to woman’s problem. She said her final answer and added that the woman had no chance to purchase drugs. When woman tried to use her last resort, the pharmaceutist behaved herself as not a professional but a caddish woman from a public market. I have been tired to listen to all this and attempted to help but the pharmaceutist made a look on me I have never forget. The old woman felt bad and decided to visit another drug store. I as well as the old woman did not wait for my turn and left.

Really speaking I was at a loss. To what I tell you all this, the answer can seem you to be unpredictable. After this occasion I decide not to attend usual drug stores as a result I become a regular of a web drug store “Canadian Health and Care Mall”. For me the main advantage is the absence of communication with pharmaceutists face to face. “Canadian Health and Care Mall” is a team of professionals who try to satisfy all customers’ needs. They know their job enough that help them to attract new customers. I believe this is our future to buy not only drugs but different kinds of goods via the Internet. Check out the web site of “Canadian Health and Care Mall” and you will see everything by your own eyes.

That’s a petty that in such a difficult situation we can not be sure someone helps us, cruel world with heartless people inside. You can envision such a situation. A person feels bad outside, for example a sudden heart attack, what strangers do – nothing, they do nothing thinking this man is drunk, he sleep himself sober, stands up and goes further. But the result of this accident can be horrible: severe complications, trauma or even death. Do you think our unconsciousness is worth the man’s life? Try to recognize to yourself what you will do in so difficult circumstances?

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